My name is an oxymoron. I am a girl, but yet my name is all full-out masculine. Haha. I am Amanda and I am the editor of the YOG Youth website.

I started work on 7/7/08, a nice number in totality, and I have been enjoying it… so far. 🙂

I am a fresh graduate from NUS, Faculty of arts and social science and I majored in….English LIterature! Woots. I love books and writing. Currently, I get a regular stash of books to read from the National Library. I mostly love thrillers, mysteries and comedic quirky books.

I also did a short stint at… I was a broadcast journalist and produced short news clips. All in all, I learnt a lot there and honed my news skills as well as video editing skills. In school, I was also a part of the Campus Observer, an online paper that sprung up from the underground (like weeds). Haha.

Lastly, my fav. sport of all time is basketball. I’ve been playing competitive basketball for 4 years… it’s been a blast. For those who know women’s basketball, I’m a great fan of Becky Hammon and Candace Parker. (WNBA stars)

So this concludes my short introduction of me. I need to return to my planning…how can I provide content for a website for two years? This question will forever haunt me.

Will be keeping you updated…ciao.