This Sept, we’re going to write to all 204 National Olympic Committees (NOCs), asking them to participate in the School-NOC Twinning Programme. You’re probably wondering what that’s about. Well, basically, we’re going to match EVERY school in Singapore with a NOC for the next 2 years.

So, students will get a chance to learn about the country that they have been paired with. All the different aspects of the country, such as the people, history, traditions, food too! Haha… Of course there could be exchange programmes between the twinned schools, so even before the YOG begins, students would have made friends with people from that country. Interesting huh? 🙂

But, we’re sort of stuck… you see, the name “Twinning Programme” could sound pretty… well… confusing… and a little boring don’t you think? Haha…:p

Initially, it was called the “Twinning Programme” because the idea was that through learning, interacting and making friends, students would begin to better understand the country they were matched with, and in time, feel for, empathize and even identify with that country. And by Games-time, they would be avid supporters of the athletes from that country.

Good idea… boring name…

So you see… we need a name that’s short, intuitive and basically… tells us what the programme is about… plus, it has to sound appealing and tell people it’s not just about making friends but also learning… tough huh?

Any suggestions?