Hi..I’m lysa, currently interning with SYOGOC right now:). Been quite exciting and fun working here.

Currently working on the Virtual Olympic Congress (VOC). It’s pretty interesting trying to do an essay, on one hand it’s almost like going back to school again, cause we have to research and stuff..BUT, it’s a good chance to learn more about the Olympic Games!

I found a lot of interesting things that I NEVER knew about the Olympics!haha..for eg..in the past, athletes that competed were NOT allowed to be professionals, ie no formal training and not paid. (One guy  – Jim Thorpe had his medals taken away cause he played baseball semi-professionally..his medals were given back almost only 70 years later!and of course by then he had already passed away) Amazing since now people who compete in the Olympics are really the best of the best and I would consider them the real professionals! haha:)

Anws, this Congress is basically the first time in history that has been opened up to the public, where we can write our views and share opinions on how we can better improve the Olympic Games:).  There are 5 themes to choose from, so I’m working on the theme of Olympism and Youth (the most apt of course since we are planning and hosting the YOG 😀 ).

It’s quite cool cause if my article gets chosen, I win an all expenses paid trip to Copenhagen! (sponsored by IOC) Haha..so anyone else interested to get a free trip..do sign up and write away! It’s only 1000 words, so shouldn’t be a great problem for all you out there I’m sure:)