Our Cozy Corner

Our Cozy Corner

A big H E L L O to everyone! This is Jinjia the latest SYOGer to join the blog team. (By the way, I’m the only male in the bed of roses, see pic above)

Like Amanda and Jialin, I come fresh off the factory line. I graduated from the University of Southern California’s (not to be confused with UCLA) Marshall School of Business. I majored in Business Administration, specifically in the two disciplines of Marketing and Entrepreneurship. My loves in life are football (MAN UTD WILL NEVER DIE), music, food (which explains the expanding waistline) and movies (with salted popcorn please).

My first month at SYOG has been a really good one and I’m not just saying that cause all my colleagues are reading this. Everyone has been really helpful as I wander around the office like a lost sheep looking for the right people to talk to.  You get the sense that people are doing something they enjoy and genuinely only want nothing but success for Singapore 2010. The upcoming months promise to be hectic and tough, laced with a tinge of mayhem but i’m sure we’ll all have a lot of fun going through it together.

Oh by the way, just a side note about the Logo Design Competition, for those that have submitted and are reading this, I would like to say a big Thank You and good job on the submissions! Keep them coming..

Alright, thats enough for now, till the next post…….

p.s i do apologize for the lack of peektures but I promise the next post will have more.. or at least some.. or one.. i hope..