Hi All, I’ve been quite busy recently. But, the moment I had some time I wanted to blog (I think i might be getting hooked! haha). Anws, this is my last week here, quite sad to be leaving:( I do hope that Amanda and Julian will be nice enough to let me continue writing here though I might not be as updated. *hint hint* haha..

For my first time working here, I had to come back on Sat..which meant losing some sleep! Haha..but it was a good experience. I actually helped out in a focus group discussion that had athletes, coaches and team managers coming down to SYOGOC to give us their comments/views and thoughts on some of the things that we’ve been planning. i was kinda zonked since we had to be here by 8.30am (and Sat is the ONLY day i get to sleep in:( ) BUT, i dont regret it. It was pretty fun and I had to be a scribe for the group discussions. Scribing isn’t as easy as it seems..u need to listen to what people say, summarise it and come up with the main points and ideas. I had a tape recorder to help me..but sadly..it died on me pretty early and I only realised it after we were 3/4 through the discussions..then i had to ask Julian to help change batt..but even then..it was only the last 1/4 😦 Oh well…

All smiles

All smiles

It was truly a great experience and I’m happy I got to be a part of it before I left SYOGOC:). Of course, after the session, the clean up and de-brief almost killed my brain cells cause I was pretty drained by then. Besides, after that all the scribes had to compile whatever we wrote and make sure the suggestions made by all the particpants were aired.

Aww man..I think I’m gg to miss this place..though the good thing is I can start waking up late once school starts!Hahaha..and I am looking forward to school starting (if i can get the modules I want:s ). Haha..