Did anyone watch the opening ceremony of the Beijing Games?

I thought it was awe-inspiring and awesome. The cauldron lighting ceremony was spectacular, inclusive of a flying man who ignited the flame.

In case you missed it, here’s a quick re-cap:

up up and awaaaaaaaaay

Up up and awaaaaay http://www.beijing2008.cn

Soaring above the clouds...

Soaring above the clouds http://www.beijing2008.cn

Almost there......

Almost there...... http://www.beijing2008.cn

and the 29th Olympic Games begins

and the 29th Olympic Games begins http://www.beijing2008.cn

If I was working on the opening ceremony of Singapore 2010, I’d feel an immense amount of pressure when I return to work on Monday.

No matter. Its now up to us to introduce the first Youth Olympic Games to the world in a similar fashion that leaves everyone with just one word on their lips…..


Check the results of Beijing Olympics here.