I have been a great supporter of volleyball, even though I can’t play the sport. I really enjoyed watching the Japan Woman’s team. Last night, I watched them play against Venezuela and they were spectacular.

They fought through the game with great team work and superb skills. Erika Araki, Miyuki Takahashi (Shin) and Saori Kimura were all great spikers. I was really impressed by Kimura’s spinning ball when she served. Although it seemed so effortless, the ball she served was so powerful that it really gave her opponent a hard time. Another remarkable player was Japan’s defender, who was like a ‘diving machine’. (I wonder if she ever broke her ribcage.) Her performance was especially commendable during the Japans vs. U.S match.

Venezuela’s defense was a little weak last night in contrast to Japan’s quick, alert and solid defense. Their sensational performance was really made for TV.

On a side note, just before the game started, the camera showed the Venezuela team preparing for the game. Their shorts were really….short. haha. I guess every country has a different attire when they play the game. So, if anyone spots any unique uniform during the Olympics, do let us know.

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