Youths in action

Youths in action

I went down today to Holy Innocents’ High School (HIHS) for a leadership workshop – Vision in Action. 100 student leaders from different Secondary schools gathered to learn and share about how they can start applying the Olympic values, Excellence Friendship and Respect (EFR), in their lives.

It was a Saturday morning, so I was naturally sleepy, haha, and not really fully energized at 8.30am. But the pleasant surprise that was in store for me was that this leadership workshop was fun, well organized and interesting.

The student leaders from HIHS were efficient, proactive and helpful. No, I am really not being patronizing. This was a huge plus point for me because they showed me how teenagers can truly be role models. Kudos to them for a well planned event.

What was meaningful about the workshop today was also the ACTION that the students decided upon.

1. They thought of a simple act of Excellence, Friendship or Respect that they can do

2. They started a Facebook group, the EFR community, which they will use to keep in touch and update one another about their EFR acts

Watch the blog for video clips and audio clips of students we spoke to at the workshop. 🙂

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