With the Youth Olympic Village set to be in NIE/NTU in 2010, Jurong will become the next hotspot for Singaporeans.

Imagine seeing an influx of people from 205 different countries in the Jurong area… wow. Although I stay at the other end of Singapore, I wouldn’t mnd taking the train down to rub shoulders with athletes from other countries who might go to Jurong Point to shop or eat.

Actually, the Boon Lay interchange is already quite congested on normal weekdays. I have friend from NTU who said that the queue for bus 179 (which goes to NTU) can be quite long. Thankfully, solutions to such problems have already been thought of. Read below for updates from a news article:

“The management at Jurong Point is thinking of providing a free bus service between the Village and the shopping centre as well as a welcome pack that includes tenant discount vouchers, an orientation kit on the Jurong vicinity and a loyalty card to enable YOG participants to enjoy special privileges.”

“When asked if SBS Transit would add or adjust bus routes in Jurong during the YOG, corporation communications vice—president Tammy Tan said: “We’re working with the event organiser with regards to their transport needs.” ”

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So Jurong may be the next area you might want to start hanging out at when the games draw near. You’ll be able to soak in the Youth Olympic Games atmosphere even without needing to enter the Youth Olympic Village.