Hey guys, check this out….It’s a tv program that will be on every week. Looking forward to learn more about sports through this… I’ll update you guys soon if there’s anything interesting. By the way, the videos and photos for the Vision in action conference will be all up by Tuesday… sorry for the delay!

DOCUMENTARY on Arts Central
10PM – 11PM

They are the age-old questions of international athletics – What is the hardest thing to do in sports – hit a cricket ball… nail a bicycle kick into the corner of the goal? Or take a Formula One turn at 300 kph?

These are the endless debates and bar bets with our mates – can a rugby player really hit like a car crash? Can Beckham really “bend it”? Is it all in the training, or are some people just “born” better athletes? And which sport creates the fastest, the strongest and the fittest athletes of all? In an unprecedented gathering of athletes, scientists, motion-capture animators and high-definition technology, Sport Science will give you the answers by blowing the lid off of the mysteries of sport, debunking age-old myths and revealing that in the world of sports, boxing isn’t the only “sweet science”.

Nearly all of sport is a science… and it’s all been secret, or unknown, or impossible to measure. Until now. This is Sport Science – the ultimate exhibition of speed, power, endurance, technique and training.

(from the Arts Central website)