Nick Young’s name befits him. He is young. At 23, he still has a bright and long future in the NBA. In fact, he is my age…and I’m the one interviewing him.

I felt so short...

Nick and me: I felt so short...

Meeting him was an honour for me, since we hardly meet NBA stars on the streets…or do we? Nah.

So what did Nick have to say? To hear the podcast (2 mins 24sec), click here.

1. How is it like playing in the NBA?

2. What was your rookie year like?

3. What was your most memorable game so far?

4. Enjoying Singapore?

5. Are you amazed that NBA is so popular overseas?

6. Do you have a favourite basketball player?

7. How long do you want to play pro basketball for?

8. What is your training schedule like?

9. Any advice for Singaporean basketballers?

TO know more about him…click here.