Polytechnic students gather once a year to discuss important issues that they don’t usually talk over dinner.

This year’s theme is “Connecting Youths in the Changing World”. Sounds boring? It really isn’t. These outspoken young people had many things to say at the Pre-forum talk on Wednesday, 10 September.

Here are some interesting topics they shared on:

Entrepreneurship : Starting Young
Ever thought of starting your own business or do you have friends who are their own bosses?

Community Service
Are we doing it for the sake of CCA points?

Health : It Does Matter!
Health? Is that a myth?

Singapore Youth Olympic Games
How much do you know about the Singapore Youth Olympic Games in 2010?

Find out more about the programme of PolyForum 2008 (16-19 Sept 2008).

Guess who else we met? Singapore National sailors Koh Seng Leong and Lo Man Yi were there to share their experiences at the Beijing Olympics. Many of them wanted to take a photo with Seng Leong. Hmm… seems like he’s also good at other things besides sailing.

Be sure to catch their interviews on our blog tomorrow.

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