The Singapore Biennale 2008 features more than 60 artists from Asia, Middle East, Europe and the Americas.

The theme this year is Wonder so get ready to be wowed by the Singapore’s largest international contemporary visual arts exhibition again this year after its huge success in 2006!

As part of the Culture & Education Programme (CEP) Division of SYOGOC, we all decided to make our way down and check out the displays this year.

CEP's Grand Day Out!

CEP's Grand Day Out

I must say, all of us were blown away by the impressive works of the talented visual artists from all over the world. There were statues, photographs, maps and 3D displays that got us all talking.

Here is Keng and Julian trying to imitate one of the 3D displays in the tour. They are a much goofier version of what you’ll get to see in Biennale 2008 though.

Here’s a photo of the real version in case you are wondering what they are really up to. This static 3D couple looks like they are rotating when the viewer moves from side to side.

3D display

3D display

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Where do I go?

The 7 iconic exhibition venues, both indoor and outdoor, are spread out in the Marina Bay area. They include extremely accessible places such as the City Hall, South Beach Development and Central Promontory Site.

When will the biennale end?

Don’t worry, you’ll have time to enjoy the many art pieces since it’ll be in Singapore from 11 September – 16 November 2008.

Are there any art professionals I can go with?

For more details on guided tours, click here.

Can I help?

Sign up as an intern or volunteer with Singapore Biennale 2008 for some attractive offers by them!