No, this isn’t a new gameshow on TV.

Instead, it’s our request for YOUR help in naming this rather important programme that involves just about every primary and secondary school in Singapore, along with students from the rest of the world(!) in the lead-up to 2010 – and hopefully beyond.

Some time ago, we wondered what we could call it.

Initially, it was called the “Twinning Programme” because the idea was that through learning, interacting and making friends, students would begin to better understand the country they were matched with, and in time, feel for, empathize and even identify with that country. And by Games-time, they would be avid supporters of the athletes from that country. (Full post)

So, after brainstorming and discussion on various occasions, three names were left standing.

1] Friends for Life
2] One-2-One
3] Friends.YOG

> We want you to help us decide which is best.

Tell us which you like best by commenting on this entry!

P.S. Pretty please tell us by Wednesday, 17 Sep