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For those who do not understand Chinese, here’s a English transcript of their interviews.

Interview with Feng Tian Wei
Hi I’m Feng Tian Wei.

Can you tell me some memorable experiences from the Beijing Olympic Games?

We were excited because it’s the first Olympics we were participating in. However, the atmosphere at the Youth Olympic Village was quite tense and we started to feel quite nervous. We prepared well for every match and met many strong opponents which spurred us to play better. Eventually, we managed to deal with the stress.

The most memorable match would still be the one we played in the semi-finals against Korea. It was a match which would secure us the silver medal. After all, 48 years of medal hopes were pinned on us. The stress was greater than usual. We really wanted to bring home a medal to Singapore.

My coach has always been teaching me to channel stress into my aggressiveness in the game. I prepared myself mentally to cope with high stress.

How long have you been preparing for the Games?

Before the Olympics, we had a 50-day training camp. I learnt a lot during this camp which was very tough. If I didn’t attend this camp, I would not have been at this skill level.

What was your training schedule like?

We trained everyday for about 6 hours or more. The training regime was very strict and tough, especially for me.

What do you do in your free time other than training?

I did not have time to really do other activities. I was very focused on the Olympics. Even if there was free time, I would spend it having a good rest.

What are your hopes for YOG? What do you think the setting should be like?

Personally, I am very happy that Singapore won the bid to host YOG. Singapore is really a good country and has been developing very well. Maybe we can learn from Beijing Olympic Games since we are lacking in the experience. Overall, I think that Singaporean youth athletes will be able to perform well at the games.