Thought Melamine was only found in China products? Well, the melamine scare has left the shores of China.

According to Reuters,

SEOUL (Reuters) – South Korean authorities have found trace amounts of melamine in milk products imported from New Zealand that were used in baby formula and banned their import, its food safety agency said Thursday.

Although only less than 0.1 per cent of the final product (lactoferrin) contains melamine, the Korea Food and Drug Administration is banning all other products made by the company, Tatua Cooperative Diary Company of New Zealand.

New Zealand Food Safety Authority’s findings showed that there was four parts per million of melamine in the Tatua product. However, they confirmed that there was no contamination of the company’s milk supply.

Is it an overreaction? I guess it’s left to individuals to decide what risks they want to expose themselves to.

Just a recap, here’s the updated list of banned products as of 2 Oct:

1. New Sshmallows Mallow Dippers – strawberry flavour

2. Silang house of steamed potato – potato and tomato crackers

3. Silang house of steamed potato – potato crackers

4. Dutch Lady Banana Flavoured milk

5. Dutch Lady Honeydew Flavoured milk

6. Dutch Lady Strawberry Flavoured milk

7. Xu Fu Ji Puffed Rice Rolls – Butter Corn Flavour

8. Xu Fu Ji Puffed Rice Rolls – Cheese Flavour

9. Yi Li Choice Dairy Fruit Bar Yogurt Flavoured Ice Confection

10. White Rabbit Creamy Candies