The International Olympic Committee (IOC) visited us at our HQ the whole of last week. A series of talks were held and we had in-depth discussions about the planning of the Youth Olympic Games.

We were hard at work

We were hard at work

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But it was not just all talk and no play. We had fun having catered lunches and morning breaks and tea breaks and… basically the whole of SYOGOC never saw everyone so often in a week.

It was a time of bonding because we realized how many people we don’t know or recognize. People talked more too and the lift was never more busy.

The head of the Youth Olympic Games from the IOC is Essar Gabriel, a tall man who is easily recognizable in a crowd. You can see him in the middle picture of the top row in the photo collage.

He shares with us his thoughts about the planning process in a podcast (3 min 11 sec, 2.92mb). And guess what? He loves Singapore, so hear what he has to say about how he has been adjusting to the hot climate here.