We had a new media pool gathering last Wednesday, 29th Oct. It was some serious business…not!

Well, we did get down to doing some real work. Many of those who turned out were all ears, all eyes and all mouth and all hands. What do I mean? Read on more to find out.

New Media Pool

New Media Pool

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All Ears: they heard what we had to say about the importance of the internet in an ever changing crazy world. New Media is important for YOG!

All Eyes: they watched wacky youtube videos.

All mouth: they got into groups to discuss and brainstorm for a name for the youth microsite.

All hands: they wrote and voted for their favourite name for the youth microsite and top three features of a website.

Here’s a recap of the top few names for the youth microsite:

1. Youthanasia

2. Youthphoria


4. Yogogo

Which one do you like best? Drop a comment on this post and tell us why you like that name.

Kudos once again to all who turned up for the new media pool, you’ll be hearing from us soon!