Hi, I’m Kok Jin (full name) the new intern at New Media right here at the YOG.

I’m just done with my national service ORD LOH! I would like to thank all the people involved for the opportunity presented to me.

Just a bit about myself, I’ve been a big fan of Chelsea football club since Zola played for Chelsea and Raneiri was manager…days when pride was contested on the football field.


These days, it seems that football has seen that last of its glorious days. We see players with seemingly no loyalty to clubs that started their footballing careers, long suffering fans who pay good money to watch their teams strut their stuff and be utterly disappointed by watching them play with no heart involved.

What defines a football club? Now, it’s a corporation sold to the highest bidder.  It used to be a place where passion and intensity mattered more than wages and dressing room disagreements. Football used to be when both teams can be applauded for fair play and fighting spirit.

Zooming back to the present, I recently returned from the Ho Chi Minh City where motorcycles outnumber pedestrians. I happened to be having dinner at an ‘American diner’ on the same night when the Thailand football team was hosting Vietnam. Vietnam won 2-1 and the chaos began, streets filled with football crazy fans waving flags, shouting in jubilation, bikes practically blocking off all the main roads not to mention the sidewalks!!

Not so fun for the tourist who needed a hot shower and a bed to crash who got a bit lost on the other side of town.

Anyway, it was a brilliant and entertaining match which showcased Vietnam’s potential in its youthful squad and with what seemed like the entire nation behind them.

Singapore needs that. Wholehearted passionate fanatics that will support their football team through thick and thin.

Here’s a personal appeal: please help to save this sport.