Yes it’s the first day of school. I can just imagine you groaning at the sound of the alarm clock and then rolling pitifully out of your bed.

You might stub your toe, and then wonder…”Why do I have to go to school?” Finally, you leave your house with Colgate stains on the sides of your mouth.

Well, though I’m sad to say that waking up for school will always be a chore, what I can offer you is news of something that will be different in your school lessons this year.

Here’s what. Olympic Education Package, short form OEP.

Under OEP, you will be able to learn about the Olympic movement and values in your classroom.

Here are some questions you might be able to answer once you’ve started your journey under OEP.

1. Why are there 5 rings in the Olympic logo?
2. How many colours are there in the Olympic logo and what is the significance of these colours?
3. What are the 26 Olympic sports?
4. What’s the difference between Ancient and Modern Olympics?

If you don’t know the answers yet, don’t fret cos OEP will bring your understanding of the Olympic Games to a new level.

For those you want to answer the questions above, do leave a comment on this post. Try not copy and paste direct from another website though. 😉