Sab and Cheese

Sab (Left) and Cheese (Right)

Cheese said,

Sat morn, I dragged my butt out of bed, put on my oversized polo-tee (mind you, it was size S), jeans and snazzy sneakers, and made my way to SMU.

I thought I was going to be lost but I spotted the ginormous white tents.

Then rehearsals started and I had to role-play as Minister Vivian Balakrishnan…”I love ya’ll!” I said, silently.

Playacting as minister

Playacting as minister

So it was 2 pm and then I started to busy myself with registration. Rowdy primary and secondary school kids, enthusiastic tertiary students, invited VIPs. So…many….people……

There were two horses! And they ate SMU’s grass hahahaha.



I was cheering on for the wrestling kids though I was a bit scared somebody was going to go home with a broken neck.

WWF wannabes

WWF wannabes

Time for the logo launch. The balloon wall hiding the logo burst and ta-dah! Thus, the Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games logo was born.

The balloons were hiding it all along!

The balloons were hiding it all along!

Minister Vivian Balakrishnan, my doppelganger, was then invited to flag off the CAN! race.

Flagging off the run

Flagging off the run

I went off with my buddy Sab to see the horses. (Sab: Have you seen the horses? Me: No. Sab: Let’s go!) I think she went there about 20 times because the guy manning the horse booth was like, “Hey, you’re back”. And she managed to ride a horse.

The adventure continues…

Sab said,

Okay, so I’m pretty sure by now you’ve heard about the horse, Agnes. You really can’t fault this city girl for being excited, now can you?

Right then, down to business. I had been looking forward to the concert, mainly because I knew that Jack and Rai, and Plainsunset would be there. And boy, didn’t they disappoint.

The musical evening was kicked off on a high note by local music act DJ Inquisitive.

DJ Inquisitive spinning his sweet beats

DJ Inquisitive spinning his sweet beats

The stage was taken over by live electronica act Sonofa. Wondering what’s behind that name? Break it up and you get ‘son of a’. Whoa, but don’t get any ideas now, kids.

Jack and Rai! WOOOO! I forgot what happened, all I knew was that I was in the ZONE.

Jack and Rei Rocks!

Jack and Rai Rocks!

The moment Mi Lu Bing came on stage, a huge crowd of schoolgirls suddenly emerged out of nowhere, armed with banners, posters and a whole lot of love for those three boys. It was pretty surprising and I was taken aback for a moment or two by the onslaught of girls. Hey, come to think of it, the second the boys wrapped up their set, the girls disappeared too. Fascinating…

Hot in black

Mi Lu Bing: Hot in black

The highlight for the day for me (besides the horses, duh!) was when Plainsunset took stage.

To be quite honest, I was a bit too lazy to get my butt off the ground and shake, but quite suddenly, my boss appeared and demanded that I go up and shake.



And really, never disobey the boss. So I gathered my fellow interns, Jin and Lynnette, and off we were, shaking.

Half an hour later, everyone was sweating, tired out of our minds but everything was worth it because… we shaked things up.

So the next time you see the Singapore 2010 logo, remember that it was born on a very exciting and fun-filled day.