Hey guys,

Introducing the Singapore 2010 Logo!

Read more about what the designer was thinking when he designed it:

Spirit of Youth – the Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games Logo – celebrates Singapore 2010 in an adventurous, open and fun way. It evokes the Singaporean sense of confidence and progress.

The three distinct elements of the logo are…

1. The Flame of Passion: The intense red flame represents the passion to learn and the power
of positive thinking. Red is also the national colour of Singapore.

2. The Star of Champions: The rich purple star symbolises excellence and the pride of representing one’s nation.

3. The Crescent of Tomorrow: The crescent reflects dynamic youth, full of promise. It has the lush
green and calm blue colours of a tropical island city.

4. The Singapore 2010 Wordmark: Its active appearance comprises individual and unique characters
that signify harmony among the diverse participants.

Spirit of Youth inspires all of us to express the Olympic spirit and celebrate the first-ever Youth Olympic Games.

But of course in the spirit of fun, you can always provide your own interpretation of the logo. Like Mr Brown.

If any of you have your own interpretation of the logo, do leave a comment and share with us your quirky perspective.