It’s rare that I get to say the word million. But yesterday, we said it all day long.

That’s because we launched the Million Deeds Challenge yesterday! We were at the Jurong Regional Library Section at the Verging all Teens section (although some of us were not verging teens) and we had a happening time. (did I just use that word?!)

We created some noise in the library

We created some noise in the library

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The ceremony was attended by our GOH, Ms Grace Fu, Senior Minister of State for National Development and Education and MP for Jurong GRC. What a tongue twister. As an emcee, I stumbled over it once. I’m so sorry! (eeks!)

The crowd had fun when students from Holy Innocents’ High School shared about how they practiced the Olympic Values of Excellence, Friendship and Respect  with simple deeds.

The Million Deeds Challenge is really about doing everyday things with a great spirit. Every deed you post on the website brings the virtual Youth Olympic Flame, deed by deed, from Greece to Singapore. You can be a Jetsetter! (a virtual one)

You can also go to to get a walkthrough of the Million Deeds  site.

Was it quiet in the library when we were there? Of course not.

There was hip hop group Will’s invasion, who wowed us with their rapping chops. Seriously, these guys are original and they sound like they can cut albums anytime soon.

TW rappers were also there to show some girl power. These girl rappers won the “I love my library” competition last year organized by NLB. Some lines I remember from their self composed rap? “Cos’ we taking over, one step at a time. Cos’ we’re taking over, one rule at a time.”

You can catch their videos at a later time this week.