Judging by deed count, the world is becoming a nicer place to live in.

Numbers of good deeds posted on the Million Deeds Challenge web portal are increasing steadily since its launch, and so are the number of visitors.

Over the past week,

there have been 4164 total deeds posted (that’s almost 3 times the previous week!),

10,301 visits to the page,

and visitors from 69 countries the world over!

The Million Deeds Challenge aims to educate youths on the three Olympic Values of Excellence, Respect, and Friendship, and celebrate the spirit of Olympism,

Like how these girls have learnt in school here.

So, please don’t spam and post silly “deeds” like, “I help my mother beat up my sister” or “I kill my friend”. They’re actually pretty horrible to read.

The Million Deeds challenge is not a chat room either, by the way.

Right now, the virtual Olympic Torch has been through Romania, and is about to cross over to Hungary. There’s still a long way before the torch leaves Europe, so keep those good deeds coming in!

Even schools are getting their students to take part, like this one.