Oh the smell of cheese, sweat and burning skin.

That was what lingered in the air (with a good melting point of 35.1 degree Celcius) last Saturday at *SCAPE. It was the launch of CAN! Discover, Culture and Heritage edition. There were booths set up by embassies of different countries, Switzerland, Mongolia, America, Belgium, Korea, Brazil, Finland and India.

There were people, food, music, art and craft and games from 8 countries in that single space. Now you know why the air smelt different.

For us, the highlight of the day was also the launch of our youth website, WhyOhGee. The Youth Guru (in-house resident guru of WhyOhGee) gave a task for the W.A.D’s Next race which was to make a rubber band rope and to play a round of Zero-Point.

Never heard of Zero-Point?

It’s a traditional game which we played in Primary School. It’s cheap and easy, but somehow manages to captivate everyone’s attention, whether you’re young or old.

How to be a Zero-Pointer:

1. Make a rope with rubber bands

2. Jump over it as the height increases

It’s that simple!

At our booth, we also had members of the public try the game. And wow, did they go nuts.

Photos by How Ya Ting

Photos by How Ya Ting