26 little athletes have made their debut. Lego people? Nope.

The Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games Sport Pictograms were unveiled today!


Singapore 2010 Pictograms

As you know, for every Olympic games, the pictograms are unique and identifiable.They will be used to guide spectators at venues, used on handbooks or put up on the website. These pictograms are also especially useful if you can’t spell gymnashtick gymnasticks gymnestics. You get the idea.

Notice that the figure in the Singapore 2010 pictograms look strangely familiar.

Is it the Ghost Rider? Nah, the fiery head actually belongs to the figure found in the Singapore 2010 logo.

Full Colour_TM


See the similarities?

Here to share the moment with us was the International Olympic Committee members. They had a whole long day of meetings but were still excited to see the birth of a new set of pictograms.

They were pleased with the new pictograms

They were pleased with the new pictograms

But wait! There is going to be another set of Culture and Education Programme pictograms that will be launched at a later date. These pictograms will be used at CEP venues and activities during the Games.