Just when you thought that the Olympic Games formula was cast in stone: the same 26 sports, the same grandeur and the same WOW factor…you were wrong!

The International Olympic Committee (IOC)  is constantly seeking new ways to make the Olympic Games relevant to you and me.

Just yesterday, IOC approved several new events to debut in the 2012 London Olympic Games.

Brace yourselves as you will see….

Boxing Women!

www.flickr.com, Claudio Gennari

The current 11 men’s boxing events will be replaced by 10 men’s events and 3 women’s events.

Mixed doubles in Tennis!

Never saw Roger Federer and Serena Williams on the same court before? You might get the chance in 2012 with the inclusion of mixed doubles.

Other than the above events, Wrestling, Swimming, Cycling, Handball, Modern Pentathlon and Canoe Sprints events were also modified for the 2012 Games.

In addition to events, new sports will also be added to the 2016 Games. Let’s wait for the good news as IOC chooses two new sports to join the Olympic family.

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