Yes, that’s always been important, and even more so, with the Youth Olympic Games coming.

It just won’t do to befuddle the young athletes from all over the world with our Singlish: “Ok La!” “Can one!” “She won meh?”

Last Friday, the Speak Good English Movement 2009 was launched at the Campus Green of La Salle SIA College of the Arts.

There were random little fun activities going on, as well as the launch of this year’s “big thing”:

To quote their “about” page, Six Lives is “a drama series played out entirely online through blogs, Twitter and Facebook.” Check it out for some online blogging drama.

Upon arrival, we were given a cocktail glass that contained words printed onto magnetic strips. People at the launch were invited to a little game of Magnetic Poetry. We had to use the words in the glass to come up with our own quote.

Not as easy as it sounds, but still, a fun game.

Along with the martini glass, we were given a shirt each, with a blank speech bubble on it. Three ladies, blessed with impressive penmanship skills, were seated at a table.

All we had to do was to tell them a quote we like, and they’ll have it written on our speech bubbles within minutes. Brilliant!

Turns out, there were many more quotes than the usual, ho-hum “To be or not to be” (Shakespeare).

Check out what quote WhyOhGee editor, Amanda, chose for her very own Speak Good English shirt.

It certainly was a fun event for a fun movement!

Let’s Impress. Inspire. Intoxicate. If you do not know what the words mean, use a dictionary.