As you all might have heard, the Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games mascots made their debut over the weekend.

Lyo – which stands for Lion of the Youth Olympics is a lion cub with a mane as fiery as his passion for life. He wants to win a gold medal in international basketball competitions.

Merly – is a merlion cub who loves exploring the waters and beyond. Her dream is to become an environmental scientist.

Like all young people, Lyo and Merly need their food to get through the day. Born and bred in Singapore, both of them are fans of the local delights.

Lyo loves: Chili crab and Chicken Rice with loads of chili. A spicy palate for a fiery guy.

Bite into the fleshy chunks of sweet crab meat!

Chicken rice with lots of chili hits the spot

For a cool girl like Merly, she  loves:

Ice Kachang - a great dessert for a hot day in Singapore!

The ice shavings hide a mix of treasures

For athletes and visitors coming to Singapore next year, be sure to try these dishes at the nearby food courts or hawker centers.