The Singapore 2010 Friendship Camp was a highlight for the 400 youths who came to Singapore from 8 to 12 December 2009.

Many came, shy and anxious about having to meet strangers who might not speak the same language.  They soon realized they had nothing to worry about.

Over the many activities packed within the 5 days of the camp, the young people quickly became fast friends as the days zipped past.

What did they do exactly? They tried high element obstacles, learned how to dragon boat, grooved to a mass dance, visited Hort Park and more.

On the last night before they jetted home, participants partied, hugged, cried, took photographs and started an autograph frenzy.

What’s going to keep the friendship going? Their answer: Facebook!

Full of endless energy!

Participants were treated to an island adventure!

Showing off his scrap book. Every participant made his/her own scrap book filled with photographs, autographs and notes to one another.

Whee! I trust you guys!

Partying through the night. (no alcohol of course)

Klim shares a green moment with a participant.

I'll miss you guys!