Yesterday was the opening event for the last CAN! festival. As I was getting ready for the event, I remembered that it was exactly one year ago that we unveiled our logo at SMU Green. It was also the first CAN! event and the precursor to the CAN! festival. How time flies when you are having fun 🙂

What was so special about the event one year ago was, among other things, how a group of NTU students had got together to design a Rube Goldberg launch mechanism to unveil the logo. And they wowed the audience.

CAN stands for Create Action Now and is a call for action to everyone to do something for the Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games.

So it was interesting when Sabrina (did I get the spelling right?), who used to intern with us, told me yesterday about her final year project – to organise a kite workshop for other students. The goal – to fly 176 kites to mark 176 days before YOG (I had to gasp for air for the short time left). But the project is in need of funding and sponsorship.

It was interesting because we had talked about the idea ourselves – flying hundreds of kites with our logo on them to celebrate Singapore hosting the Youth Olympic Games. But somehow the project never took off because of time, resources and other more pressing matters.

I am happy that the idea is still alive and a group of students could see through the project.

By hosting the Youth Olympic Games, one of the many things we hope to happen is for as many people as possible to be inspired by this once in a life time event to go out there and do something for themselves, for others, for this inaugural event – totally self-initiated.

We may be having our last CAN! festival but come on everyone, you can still create action now. You can make things happen with 7 months to go before the first-ever Youth Olympic Games. For one thing, I hope the kites will take flight.