That brings us to the end of the Validation Exercises for January.

It’s been a crazy month filled with Judo, Wrestling, Taekwondo, Boxing, Handball and Fencing Tournaments that brought together the best of the nation and even foreign nations too!

The international tournaments saw countries like South Africa, Canada, Chinese Taipei, Hong Kong and India flying in to compete!

We had great moments, crazy moments, “freakoutbecauseofamistakewemade” moments, shouting moments, moments where we wanted to cheer for Singapore but couldn’t because we’re supposed to be unbiased and general moments where we had pumped in so much energy and effort that all we wanted to do was fall asleep in a heap under the table.

I think all the Presenters that took part in these VEs did an amazing job. It was a very steep learning curve, even for the more experienced presenters, but we can only benefit from the experience and ultimately, it can only help us during Games time. We’ve all learned loads and as we draw ever closer, the adrenaline is going to start flowing again.

All that’s left to say is:

Bring it on!

Love, Kel.