Whenever you buy a new coffee machine or join a competition, it’s always best to read the instructions.

In the ongoing “My Avatar Contest“, we are grateful for the many who submitted a photograph of their virtual self in the Singapore 2010 Odyssey.

However, there have been quite a few entries which did not comply with our competition requirements.

The main instruction is straightforward, “Please note that the requirement for this contest is to post a photo of your Avatar from the virtual world so submit the right entry now and stand to win up to US$2,000 Amazon vouchers!”

Here’s a gentle reminder:  you are NOT the Avatar!

Let’s take a look at some entries which left us scratching our heads:

While it’s cool to post your own photograph, your entry is not eligible for the competition.

Here’s how to do it right:

  1. Go on to Facebook and click “Like” to become a fan of the Singapore 2010 Odyssey page to qualify for the contest.
  2. Register via “My Avatar” tab and submit photo in order to qualify.
  3. Log into Singapore 2010 Odyssey and take some nice pictures!
  4. Submit pictures of your avatar every week during the contest period (22 April – 19 May 2010) for the Weekly Photo Contest. Last submissions should be in by Wednesday at 23.59pm (Singapore time, GMT+8) every week.
  5. The photo with the highest votes win. So get your friends to vote now!

Voila! You now stand a chance of winning our attractive prizes.

Remember…read your instructions BEFORE you post another photograph of yourself, your sister or your dog. Cheers!