Hello. I haven’t really posted here much, but here goes…

My name is Julian, and I work with SYOGOC as part of the New Media team. Last night, I decided that I should endeavour to do something special since we’ve hit 100 days to go.

I’ve decided to write one post on this blog every day till the Youth Olympic Games starts on August 14th.

Might not sound like a lot to you, but this is coming from someone whose blogs (I think I have at least 4) have all died from miserable neglect. So believe me, this will be tough. I’m setting the bar at 100 words minimum, with at least 1 pic. Phew.

But enough about me. Something even more special is going to happen tomorrow at *scape if you haven’t heard already. It’s the 99 Days To Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games event.
Everyone is pretty pumped up for tomorrow, and we’re working hard to make sure things run like clockwork. Just like how the Games are going to be run. 🙂

Taufik Batisah

our first singapore idol gets a feel of the stage

liang yuan, karen, and someone with a measuring tape

"it's up .... there."

Also, as part of the celebrations, the team is starting a little project called Photo of the day. All you need is a camera, a flickr account, some good ol’ enthusiasm, and you could find yourself on the front page of the Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games website. We’ll probably throw in a token of our appreciation as well if we pick your pic. 😉

See you tomorrow. (And wish me luck!)

*scape sign

*scape - where it's at tomorrow