Goodness, we’ve hit double digits. 99 days left…

So like I said yesterday, there’s a big party happening in the middle of *scape at Orchard Road tonight. Here’s some proof:

hockey game at *scape

*scape turns into a hockey arena. versatile or what?

And it’s not a easy-peasy casual game from the looks of things.

substitutes from the hollandise school watching from the sidelines

intense, like it's the hockey world cup!

More from tonight to come in another update. Lots and lots of pics… Check out the official Singapore 2010 flickr account if you can’t wait.

And kudos to Samuel Ma, for providing the first Photo of the day that we’ve selected from all of you Singapore 2010 fans out there. He camped and waited for the last second ever where we were still on 3 digits (i.e. 100 days), and this is his moment of perfection.

100 days exactly on the countdown clock

100 days on the countdown clock - exactly

Everyone else care to share your picture? 🙂

Wonder if these guys will…

the camera stand fills up

cameras cameras cameras