It’s another sweltering Sunday in Singapore, and I’ve just received the link to pictures that have gone up on Flickr for the “99 days to go” event. Thought I’d feature 9 pictures to tell a short story about a very big party.

Dr Francis Chong covers up to prevent any spreading of germs

Our Deputy CEO Dr Francis Chong models the fashionable N95 mask

Some of you might not know this, but many of us were still involved with many coordination meetings with our friends from the International Olympic Committee. Believe me when I say it’s not easy trying to plan a huge party in the middle of Orchard Road while planning for the first ever Youth Olympic Games. Naturally, all this takes its toll and we need to be responsible when the body’s immune system goes down – and wear a mask.

Boxing demonstration

This time it isn't for real, but give us another 3 months. 😉

Make no mistake, the Youth Olympic Games is a serious sporting event. The competitors may be 14 – 18 years of age, but they’ll be hungry to start their Olympic careers in gleaming gold. Plus this is when gymnasts and divers really start coming in to their element, which is probably also why the tickets for those events are going, going … (gone?).

The crowd goes wild

Everyone and their mum has a cameraphone...

Without our supporters, sports fanatics, sponsors, students, performers, partners, staff, friends, family… yes all 2,000+ of you, the evening would not have been a success. Please make sure you buy tickets and come again in August k?

Free runner does a backflip

Flipping good!

Special thanks to the daredevils who jumped, somersaulted, tumbled, and flew to give us a great show for the evening, alongside our Singapore Idols Taufik and Hady, dancers, drummers, and Electrico who ended the evening.

Prime Minister Lee enjoying the performances

You watch it live, they watch it on a screen

VIPs don’t always get the best views. Prime Minister Lee and the rest of the VIPs had to be content with catching most of the performances on the screen in the holding area while everyone was partying outside. But I’m sure they were quite happy with the air-conditioning though. 🙂

Crocodile sponsors all uniforms for the Singapore 2010 workforce

Pretty nice uniform, no?

Staff and volunteers became models for the evening as they showed off the Crocodile-sponsored apparel that would be the uniforms for the workforce during the Youth Olympic Games. I sure hope they keep us cool in the humidity of August!

Merly and Grace

Merly and her long lost cousin, Grace

All of us staff and volunteers placed hand over heart as we recited the workforce pledge that detailed our commitment to the Games. Now you know we’ll be there, rain or shine, come hell or high water. Promise!

!Fireworks above *scape

The sky lights up above the hottest (figuratively and literally) youth centre in Orchard Road

And like any big party worth its salt, there needs to be pyrotechnics. Boom boom pow!

The CEP team reminds us it's... 99 days to go!

Yes, yes... we know how many days left there are.

And the last picture I shot that evening was this special request from the folks at the Culture and Education Programme who happily remind us how little time we have left. Thanks guys. :p

For more pictures (300+ actually!), check out the Flickr set.