It’s day #5, and this is a little more challenging than I thought it would be. Sorta like this whole Youth Olympic Games experience in general. 🙂

I’m already slightly behind schedule with this entry as I work the keyboard at 4.31 4.32am in the morning. I also feel like Rocky after 10 rounds with a 200lb gorilla in the ring, thanks to a sore, watery left eye.

Rocky never gives up!

5 down, 95 to go...

And speaking of champs, there are a few champions that I thought everyone should meet.

30 Rock!

The 30 young ambassadors for the 1st ever Youth Olympics

These are some very important young people, all athletes in their own right (some are Olympic Gold medallists!), who will help make Singapore 2010 a success.

Their role: “… to help promote the YOG in their regions and communities and support the athletes before and during the Games as well as during their participation in the Culture and Education Programme (CEP).” – Young Ambassadors Programme media release

C.E… huh?

If you’re hearing of the CEP for the first time, here’s a quick summary:

“The CEP aims to educate, engage and influence young people in sport and Olympic values, inspiring them to play an active role in their communities, and the Young Ambassadors will help facilitate this goal. The programme also gives athletes advice on careers in sport, social responsibilities and other lifestyle choices.”

For more on CEP, go to

So anyhoo, their role is essentially about to making sure athletes get the full YOG experience that goes beyond the serious competition. It’s also a great opportunity for athletes to learn about other important things in life in a fun environment. For such an important role, it’s crucial that these guys are not boring pretty interesting people in their own right… and they are!

You can meet a few of them here and in these videos too.

Elise Rechichi from Australia didn’t like the water and the cold, but still ended up an Olympic Gold medallist in Sailing (470)

Devon Frank van der Merwe from South Africa listens to everything from classical to hip-hop

Sherry Tsai from Hong Kong is a “retired” Olympian who now hosts a show on TV

Callum Ng from Canada has a knack for building terrariums, it seems

More on them in some of my 95 other entries to come…  Ok, time for 2 hours of sleep. Toodles!