Although I’ve still got quite a few posts to go, it’s becoming apparent that many of the things we do are the “last of” their kind that we’ll go through.

For example, we just had the last Co-Committee meeting with the IOC, our last big party before the Opening Ceremony (99 days to go!), and today was the last time we would celebrate the birthday of one of our colleagues in this office.

The cake and its bodyguards

Attempting a surprise attack on the birthday girl

For some strange reason, everyone keeps attempting to surprise the birthday boy/girl with a cake, which eventually becomes rather difficult because the birthday kids usually smell something fishy (or chocolatey in most cases). Today’s was banana-ey, for those of you wondering.

I think the airconditioner is busted...

How people in the office keep warm

And some strange traditions have sprung up over the past year too.

Like what you see in the picture above which I can only feebly describe as an attempt to blow out the candles – without actually blowing (as in blowing with your mouth). The alternative usually looks like a cross between a voodoo blessing and how you would chase away invisible flies.

Huff and I'll puff...

Some of us just give up and blow anyway! Happy Birthday Yee Shin!

Coming back to my little emo reflections… it’s mixed feelings for most of us I think, as we move into the last few months before the Games. If you’ve ever worked on an event that’s more than a year away (and survived), you’ll know what I mean.

We’re sad because this means this project is coming to an end, and most of us will part ways. *sniff* We’re excited because we’re finally at the cusp of the event that we’ve been working on in the day time, night time, part-time, full-time, overtime… and soon we’ll be out of time. No extra time for this one. It’s do or …

Tick tick tick ...

Tick tock on the clock but the party don't stop, no

Ok, it’s “DO”, and nothing else.

So to all my lovely colleagues working at 1 Kay Siang Road, Happy Last [insert-your-own-event-here]!