First off, sorry that this entry is coming a little late. :p

Someone asked if I was running out of content since my last post was about a birthday, which to the person asking, might have seemed frivolous. Well, not really, based on to my long laundry list of things to cover. Eventually, I’ll start struggling to come up with new content, and when I do, any suggestions from the 3 or so people reading this blog would be nice.

But to remind folks that I actually do some work between blog entries, I’m hereby going to designate Wednesdays as “Work-related Wednesdays”, which means blog entries on Wednesdays will be about… work. (It’s still Wednesday somewhere in the world now, right? *sheepish grin*) More specifically, stuff that’s related to what me and the team do on the internet.

And today’s topic is about a million DEEDS, NOT dollars. (Although that would be nice to have too)

Go go go!

We need one million dolla.... deeds! Mwahahahhaaha..

The Million Deeds Challenge is where we’d like for everyone to become part of the Olympic movement through sharing deeds of Excellence, Friendship and Respect (The Olympic values!), taking the virtual Olympic Flame on a virtual torch relay from Greece, through the 203 other NOCs, and finally to Singapore. We’ll need a million deeds to do this!

Silly me used to think the Olympic movement was some secret sect that only people who won shiny gold medals got to join. I’m glad to say I’ve since been enlightened. It’s actually a fairly open club that just about anyone can join – no annual membership fee necessary. There isn’t even a secret handshake. :p

All you need to do to be part of the movement is incorporate the Olympic values of Excellence, Friendship and Respect in your life.

Yeeaaap! You don’t actually need to be training 8 hours a day, 365 days a year, and have a cupboard full of gold medals like some of the people in this video.

It’s also about the little things (I like to call them “deeds”), like helping your kid sister with her homework, saying “hello” to the grumpy bus driver, clearing your plate in the canteen after you’re done. But if you’re the kind who rescues 100 people off a burning ship or finds cures for terminal diseases on a daily basis, that’s pretty darn cool too! If you want more examples of deeds, watch the next video.

So, share your deed, take over the torch and bring us that much closer to Singapore 2010. (We’re stuck somewhere between Belgium and the Netherlands at the moment)

You can share deeds by signing up on the website, or if you’re one of those cool peeps with Twitter accounts, just send a tweet to @milliondeeds and tag it with either #excellence, #friendship or #respect.

e.g. @milliondeeds I helped my friend level up in World of Warcraft #friendship

Now I’ve got this silly (hokkien) song stuck in my head…

[Translated lyrics]