Some people seem to think that nobody’s excited about the fact that the biggest multi-sport event Singapore has ever hosted will be upon us. And their basis for comparison is February 21st, 2008, when Singaporeans swarmed the Padang and celebrated winning the right to host the first ever Youth Olympic Games.

I think it’s a little early for us to be in that euphoric state like back when we won the bid. Not sure if anyone’s managed to stay euphoric for 3 months without failing a doping test.

It’s quite tiring having this expression stuck on your face till August, no?

9 x buzzed

how long can you keep this expression on your face?

But rest assured, as the partners, sponsors, schools, associations, clubs and your neighbour’s cousin’s aunt’s colleague’s girlfriend’s dog start getting in on the act, you’ll have to run away to avoid having Lyo, Merly or our logo shoved in your face.

Still, for all those who think nobody’s excited, please watch this video:

So, are you excited yet? Show us some proof so we can feature you! 🙂