Today is the last day that our intern Lukas will be with us.

Lukas is the boy behind the smashing graphics that play at the start and end of our WhyOhGee videos. (Some examples of his work below) And soon, the boy will become a man.

let's get excited..!

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akan datang!

this video is still in production. teehee!

Yes, it’s time for Lukas to enlist for National Service a.k.a. NS!

For those of you who are unfamiliar with life in Singapore, all physically fit male citizens are required to serve a 2-year term in the Singapore Armed Forces, which is what Lukas is going for.

Basic Military Training (BMT) marks the beginning of military life for all Singaporean males at the age of 18. It is the transition from fresh-faced teenager to combat-ready fit soldier. You will learn basic soldiering skills, which include weapon handling, individual field craft, bayonet fighting, etc to ensure survivability in the battlefield. Besides training in basic military skills, Physical Training (PT) lessons are also conducted to build up the soldiers’ physique and stamina and to instill a firm sense of discipline and teamwork. (more…)

Don’t worry Lukas, it’ll be over in a blink. ๐Ÿ˜‰

But for most of us in the office, we’ll probably best remember in this cameo in thisย  video as Youth Guru’s stunt double:

[See 0:53 min]

We were worried he might not come back after this episode was shot, but he’s a trooper, and come back he did. ๐Ÿ™‚ So the least we could do was feed him before he leaves to serve the nation…

New Media Teamsters!

From left: Amanda, Kok Siong, Lukas, me, Vicson, Wai Leng, and Yee Hon

I could just about see what was going on in Amanda and Lukas’ head.


Amanda (left) and Lukas

Just kidding, they love each other. I think.

So if any of you bump into Lukas on scenic Pulau Tekong, give him a big WhyOhGee hug!:)