It’s Sunday and I’ve got much that I’d like to get done today.

But it all honesty, it’s unlikely that I’ll be able to get around to everything given the sweltering heat (and my natural talent for procrastination on especially hot days). It’s funny how the more things start piling up, the less inclined you are (ok, at least I am) to start shovelling.

Hot hot hot

Not sure how we even made it to Sunday

Somehow, I’ve managed to haul myself and my laptop into a friendly eatery with my three favourite offerings: free air-conditioning, free wifi and free parking. Food’s not bad too.

Now that I’ve procrastinated through two paragraphs, here’s my point for today: Lots to do? Not sure what to start with? Don’t wait, just start doing something.

Here’s something that we have for bored school students who are up to their eyebrows in exam preparation, but need a few minutes off the books to maintain their sanity. Way back when I was a student, there seemed to be a natural tendency for me to do everything else (but study) before the exams – which explains my pitiful grades. I’d do my bit for the environment (clean my room), make logistical preparations for exam conditions (sharpen my pencils), assess my aptitude for aeronautical engineering (fold paper planes), … you get the idea.

So for all you students looking for a more meaningful way to spend time away from your books, here’s a suggestion.



Not terribly exciting, no?

Sorry for stamping my opinion all over this, but I couldn’t help myself. So, rather than have this hanging somewhere in your school where your eyeballs glaze over in 1.4938 seconds, why not make its life (and yours) more exciting? Full details here.

Suggestions from the Boring Banner Channel on how to unboring-fy the Boring Banner

Here are a few other less sweat-inducing activities that you can consider if you’re taking a break from studying:
– Apply to be part of the Opening Ceremony (if your parents/grandparents are from some other place other than Singapore)
– Be a virtual torch bearer (no selection process. no sweat.)
Share your photos with us (don’t be shy.)

So give your Sunday a kick up the behind and do something. (But don’t forget to study!)