I wonder what goes on in your head as you read these entries.

Not that I’m hankering for attention, but some feedback would be nice methinks.  🙂

Tell me what you think about what you’ve read so far, what you liked, as well as what you didn’t like. (It’s ok. I have really thick skin, so I’ve been told.)

could do with a shower...

me and my bud out for a jog

But remember to be constructive ok?

Don’t just say “You suck.”
Say “You suck because … blah blah blah”

Although it’s quite terrifying how the internet now let’s readers tell authors what they think so easily, it allows authors to also respond to what’s working and ditch what isn’t working just as easily. So bring it!

After all, thanks to my little promo for the football draw, I know some of you actually read what these entries. (life’s really that boring eh?) :p Yes, 20+ comments from all you eager-beavers who want to get your hands on that 99 days to go pin. Not that I blame you though… it’s a pretty nice pin. Fear not, they’re being prepped for postage.

And to segway segue (thanks michael! :)) into today’s topic, remember to prepare to face the cameras and microphones that may get shoved in your face if you’re coming here as an athlete for the first every Youth Olympics.

snap, flash, snap snap, flash, snap, flash...

"how are you feeling?" "how did you do it?" "do you like justin bieber?"

It’s quite sad as a reporter/journalist when you get folks you want to interview who say… “No comment.”

Well, here’s an athlete who doesn’t seem to have any problems with cameras and (strange) questions.

Meet her other sea-based team mates, Jeddy Tan and Natasha Yokoyama here.

To round things off today, for those of you who’ve hollered in the comments (without any incentive at all), thanks! That’s you, Steph, Lim Hui, Celine, the other Steph, Hong Quan, Desmond Chan and joannak. 🙂

Steph: More about my team coming up soon, i promise!