Thought I’d (finally) do an introduction to the folks I work with. (Specially for you Steph! ;))

This is Victor a.k.a. Vic. He’s our social media dude, tech guru and resident karaoke champion. He’s the one who comes up with most of the stuff that you see posted on Facebook and Twitter, including the crazy contests. Sometimes we don’t see him, and that’s when he’s disappeared in to the Singapore 2010 Odyssey (That’s where he becomes “Virtual Vic“).


Victor can work Facebook with his eyes closed

Random polls indicate that about half of Singapore knows Victor. I’ve known him for about 10 years now and he’s the nicest guy ever, and he just happens to be single(!) at the moment. (Ladies pls send in your applications and remember to affix a recent photo)

Handsome fella

Victor on the phone with one of his many admirers

This is Nazif a.k.a. the Naz. He works on the (many) videos we produce and makes sure all our shoots go as planned. For some reason he’s been mistaken as a national footballer several times. In my opinion he looks more like the goal post with his super-skinny frame. :p (ok, I’m jealous) His computer has the distinct honour of being the slowest to load any website.


The Bermuda Triangle

Nazif also a father of one cute little girl who he’s trying to influence to support this long-suffering-underperforming-English-football-club-that-wears-red. She loves Lyo & Merly (having convinced him to buy both! aha!) so I think she’s pretty cool.

Nazif, the smiling tiger

No, that's not his daughter.

More on the other loonies colleagues next week.