It’s a bit of a struggle to come up with something relevant and interesting to blog about on weekends when I’m away from the office, away from all my inspiring colleagues. And it’s not like I’m that relevant and interesting on weekdays to begin with. Guess I’ll just look at what’s been hot on Twitter recently…

The myopic-topic (no pun intended) for today: MASCOTS!

So, have you met Wenlock and Mandeville?


London's heavy metal mascots

London 2012's heavy metal mascots

The metallic duo for the London 2012 Summer Olympics debuted last week and the internet’s been buzzing.

Well, thought I’d just remind everyone that we’ve got mascots too. Wheeee…!!

Lyo & Merly at the IOC

A visit to the IOC's headquarters in Lausanne

Lyo & Merly were introduced to the world in November last year. Since then, they’ve been travelling around the world, making friends and spreading the word about the Games.

I was assigned as photographer, porter, stylist, and security officer for the two on a trip last year to the IOC’s headquarters while they got to schmooze mingle with President Rogge. (See all 28 pics)

under wraps

it's a little chilly for mascots who don't wear clothes

In-flight meals

Pretty happy with SIA's inflight meals

train ride

en route to Lausanne

If you also have pictures of the two in far flung places around the world, do share them with us.

But if you’re travelling really, really light, you can download and print your own little Lyo and Merly.

Paper pipsqueaks

Tiny, cute and 100% bio-degradeable (metallic alien thingy not included)

Till tomorrow.

P.S. Like all respectable celebrities mascots, Lyo and Merly also have their own Facebook fanpage.