For those of you who commented on #15 (despite my mangled Engrish), thank you! 🙂 Some nice ideas for future entries that I’ve added to my growing arsenal.

Through some of the comments, I’ve got a feeling that many of you don’t know about this other (cool) project we work on called WhyOhGee, which contains a motherload of stories from our staff, interns, volunteers, and friends from around the world. (See other projects we work on in the right column.)

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WhyOhGee… sounds familiar, doesn’t it? 🙂

History lesson of the day: This blog is actually the predecessor (since way back in July 2008) to the WhyOhGee microsite and served as our little training ground and temporary repository of content.

Thus logically, what you see on this blog isn’t supposed to duplicate the wonderful content that’s already been published on WhyOhGee, but to highlight some of the other stuff that may not have been covered. Or if I do happen to make reference to stuff that’s already on WhyOhGee, it’s to draw your attention to great stories/pictures/videos that deserves to be read/seen/watched by even more people.

And for those of you who may be mildly curious about the name, here’s the back story:

The name was the result of a massive brainstorming session at the headquarters of the Singapore Youth Olympic Games Organising Committee in November 2008.

60 young sardines people packed themselves into a meeting room and they came up with a list of thoughtful, funny, intriguing and scary names for us, like ‘Yogogo (shake it baby!), ‘Youthanasia(Gulp!), ‘Yogee(… bear?)


Our brainstorm troopers

We couldn’t really decide after that, so we rounded up another 20 volunteers for a second round of brainstorming and WhyOhGee was born! (In case you missed the pun, it sounds like Y…O…G… ! Get it? Get it??) And we love it because we can now say “Y.O.G.” with so much more emotion. (More)

Plus it isn’t just phonetically similar to Y.O.G., there’s also some deep, intellectual meaning to it:

Why? Don’t be shy. Always be curious about everything around you. Ask! Why did the chicken cross the road? Why didn’t the road cross the chicken?

Oh! An exclamation of surprise and discovery. WhyOhGee is all about learning new things and discovering the hidden surprises tucked away in the nooks and crannies of the (online and offline) universe.

Gee. An expression of wonder. “Gee, I didn’t know that.” Or “Gee, I wanna be a sportsman too.” It also happens to rhyme with See, Bee, Tree and Me.

So rather than call it something that would make you tremble with excitement like, say… “The Youth Olympic Learning Portal”, WhyOhGee pretty much does the job too in a more subtle (and fun) way. Or at least we think so.

Ok, make way for Monday…! *groan*