For those of you who have no idea where the Singapore Youth Olympic Organising Committee is (i.e. where I work), I thought I’d share with you some pictures of the lovely green surroundings that we work in the middle of.

Tanglin Road

Tall green trees that provide generous shade, while allowing in slivers of light

Every morning, I trek several hundred metres along Tanglin Road (pictured above) to the office, which gives me some time to reflect on what needs to be done that day, as well as wonder why I’m sweating like a pig. Then again, it’s just about all the exercise I have time for these days, so I’m reluctantly thankful too. A solitary walk amongst one of nature’s few remaining pockets near the city is a pretty good start to the day – if it weren’t so darn hot!

And because there isn’t much human activity nor large buildings around here, people who end up coming to this part of town for whatever reason (training, job interviews, etc.) sometimes get lost.

Lost Avatar

Always happy to help out friends from out of town

When we first started out in Kay Siang Road, every once in awhile people would be totally clueless as to where we were situated, and I’d usually be happy to be of service – unless you freak me out with blue-coloured skin. This queer looking chap was looking for his girlfriend or something…

Kay siang - Tanglin

We have a nice big sign now

These days, there are fewer lost avatars sheep, thanks to the big signs that have been put up outside the office compound.

Waiting for the boyfriend?

Follow the arrows!

For your information, we’re located at 1 Kay Siang Road, Singapore 248922. Our neighbours are the Institue of Adult Learning (same building) and Tisch School of the Arts Asia.