Yesterday (Monday actually) was the day I got my hands on the uniform I’ll be wearing for 2 weeks plus in August.

Someone mumbled “brinjal” as I was pulling the reluctant L-sized shirt over my head. I felt the fitting (some say tight) jersey slowly squeeze the air out of my lungs as giggles broke out in the office. Somehow I managed to keep breathing. :p

I still haven’t tried on the XL. Hmmph.

For those of you who haven’t heard of a brinjal, in your part of the world you may know them as eggplant, melongene or aubergine.

Bulky Brinjal

The stocky and muscular

I like to think of myself as the above, but some folks think I’m moving into the category below.


The round and tubby

Well, it takes all kinds doesn’t it? And in the organising committee, we do have people of all shapes and sizes, colour and age to pull off the Games in August. Sadly I don’t have all their pics yet, so these brinjals will have to stand in.

Arnold Schwarzebrinjal

The big and tall

Hot and sweaty

The ones who love exercise

senior brinjal

The respected ones with years of experience

Different colours

The different colours and creeds

I’m just thankful that I don’t look like this guy. Not yet anyway.

Barney the brinjal

"I love you... you love me... "