First off, just to make things clear, this isn’t an advertisement for gambling, casinos or overweight comedians. (See picture below)

spot the difference

Geddit? Geddit?

It just so happened that today’s post #number reminded me that most of my team and I would be operating from the Main Media Centre at the Marina Bay Sands (one of Singapore’s 2 Integrated Resorts that houses a casino within its premises – hence the segue from blackjack) during Games Time.


Before you know it...

The Marina Bay skyline has changed pretty dramatically with the introduction of the 3 monoliths (should it be trioliths since there are 3?) … erm… giant towers connected on top by a sky garden. And it’s been amazing how quickly they finished construction.


... it's good to go!

Everything’s spanking new and we’re going to move in in less just about 2 months! Yippeee..!!

I promise there’ll be more pics when we start shifting into our new (temporary) home. Not usually a gambling man, but I’ll bet every cent I have in my wallet (that’s about $4.35) that August is going to be busy. 😉 Any takers?

P.S. Sorry entries have been coming in late. Past couple of days have been crazy busy!