No, we’ve not turned into savage cannibals overnight, but it’s funny how leaving out a word changes the meaning of a sentence entirely.

"Hello Clariiiccce"

You probably wouldn't want to invite Mr Lecter back for dinner tonight

Today we celebrate “Eat WITH Your Family Day“. In most government bodies, staff will be getting off work half an hour earlier today to eat at home. (Hmmm… so I get to leave at 8.30pm) At 1 Kay Siang Road, we were luckier still to have a free lunch with colleagues from overseas, some of whom who don’t have their families here with them. So it’s sort of a “Eat with your adopted family day” too.

CEO Mr Goh Kee Nguan

Our CEO gives us a timely peptalk before the devouring begins

Well me and some of the other slowpokes were busy with work, and were in danger of missing out on whatever food was left. Lucky for us the Workforce team (Thanks Amy!) made sure we still had some grub and didn’t have to eat our families.


Do interns taste like chicken?

Go eat with your family! 🙂